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General Offer

In performing our role as corporate trustees, we shall initiate discussions with management of your organization on the occupational and voluntary contributions that we can handle.

The rationale for this engagement is to provide a choice of competence in handling your second and third tier contributions. As Trustees, we would provide the necessary advice, guidelines and technical know-how to ensure that the net benefit of your investments is positive and retirement income is well secured.

Our corporate strategy involves occasional holding of fora which are specifically organized for a particular institution employee beneficiary members. This is to ensure that every employee completely understands how the occupational and the voluntary contributions are managed in accordance with the Pension Act.

In addition, we seek to use this platform to erase any misconceptions that employees may have in the handling of their contributions.

We shall develop a working relationship with management to address conflicts of interest issues that could possibly arise between employees and employers,

particularly, when the company’s financial health has implications for the Provident Fund. This is aimed at preserving the interest of contributors to the scheme.

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