Core Values

  • Pensions Alliance Trust Limited
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We believe that our mission can only be achieved through living our core values. Our core values form the ‘heart’ of our business. They are;

Honesty: We endeavor to do everything in a sincere manner. We will respond positively and proactively to trustee issues and be a good corporate company. We will be truthful and sincere in all our dealings with our cherished clients.

Encouragement: We strive to encourage each other and our customers to make the best of every situation. We will encourage and reward excellence in an open and trusting working environment.

Accountability: We do not shirk responsibility and therefore have an obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for all of our actions. We uphold our responsibility to our stakeholders and are accountable for providing the highest level of service while meeting the requirements of regulatory standards and ethical business practices.

Respect: We acknowledge that every customer has value so we are building strong partnership with our customers and appreciating the variety of people from many backgrounds.

Team Work: We put aside our personal priorities so that we can achieve the common vision we all share. We are better able to live our core values and better able to serve our customers by working together. As a team, we are the product of our individual efforts.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

- Albert Einstein

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